About Us


Unlike many of our competitors, Fortune Funding Concierge offers several financing alternatives. We are not limited to small business loans or merchant cash advances exclusively. This means our clients enjoy a range of financing options ensuring they are approved for the working capital they need. Our guidelines are lenient resulting in a high approvals rate. We offer competitive rates for merchant cash advances and credit card processing.

We work non stop, giving you a decision on your small business loans and merchant cash advances in just 24 hours.

Fortune Funding Concierge has built a successful reputation on three core values that reflect in every aspect of our organization:

* Service:

We deliver results to our clients and continually strive to exceed their expectations

* Value:

We provide a personal Concierge to our clients, while providing competitive programs in a timely manner.

* Integrity:

We partner with people that share our high ethical standards – this is the cornerstone of Fortune Funding Concierge.

Our goal in creating Fortune Funding Concierge is to provide funding to small business owners who might otherwise be unable to obtain it elsewhere. Studies, after all, have shown that more than nine out of every 10 businesses in the U.S. are unable to obtain bank loans because they lack sufficient credit or the necessary collateral.
Why should you consider Fortune Funding Concierge for a cash advance? We believe we have set ourselves apart from other companies that provide alternative funding by placing an emphasis on educating our Merchants.

Before we do business with any merchant, we make certain they have a complete understanding of the funding arrangement. We are also careful to set realistic terms with merchants based on their particular earning profiles in order to minimize the possibility of future cash flow problems. In addition, we make clear disclosure of all costs upfront.

We believe we have the most knowledgeable and dedicated people in the industry. Our sales Representatives are trained to understand your business and to be sensitive to your needs.