How It Works




1. Qualifications for a cash advance

    Revenue of least $3,000 a month in credit card sales
    In business for 3 months
    Has one year remaining on your lease
    Has no open judgments or bankruptcies


2. Documentation required for approval

    1 Page Application
    Last 4 months of Credit Card Processing Statements(if applicable)
    Last 4 months of Bank Statements(6 months without credit card processing)


3. Documentation to fund

    Copy of Business License
    Copy of Driver’s License
    Voided Business Check

Once all verification calls and due diligence is complete, the funds will enter your Business Account within 48 hours of that time.  Our merchant cash advance works with you by transforming a percentage of your future credit and debit card sales into cash you can use now. Through automatic remittance of credit and debit sales, your advance is repaid automatically and effortlessly. And with small fixed rates and no fixed payment schedule, your business’s needs come first because we don’t get paid until you do.